Flowing Forward is the New "Bouncing Back"

Aug 02, 2020

We were not meant to "bounce back", why would we ever want to go backwards? Motherhood is calling us forward, we are evolving, we have transformed.

If anyone tries to sell you a product, program, or idea that promotes "getting your body back", walk. away.

Your incredible body has created, birthed, nourished and sustained LIFE - go back to what?! Your pre-miraculous, pre-magic-making, pre-optimal-expression-of-human-capacity form? No Thank you.

Forget "bouncing back", it's time to flow forward. Take all the lessons, the wisdom, the strength, and the love you have created - and bring it with you. This practice is created to support, heal, strengthen, and celebrate our bodies.

If you connect with this, then I hope you will join us for this August series. Your village is waiting for you.

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