July Series

Jul 05, 2020

If you are feeling out of sync right now, you are not alone.

Our mind-body's thrive on rhythm & connection. This year, so far, has made those elements extremely hard to cultivate.

And yet, motherhood requires us to show up as our best-selves for our people. But, how do we reconnect to the best version of ourselves in this #newnormal?

The answer: *We must return to the wisdom of our nature*.

Women, and people-who-menstruate, are designed to sync to our cycle (our #infradianrhythm). We are also equally designed to be in rhythm with the moon.

During our reproductive years our menstrual cycle is our #fifthvitalsign. A biological cycle that, when honored, offers us the opportunity to optimize our mind-body health, our energy, our productivity, our libido, and our metabolism.

Connecting to our collective #mooncycle offers us the opportunity to connect to the rhythm of our nature as well.

In our upcoming July Series, we will be adding a new layer of *connection* to our practice... Connection to Ourselves.

The movement practice of MamaCore connects us to our breath, our body, and our Core. The MamaCircle after each Live practice, connects us to our Community. And, this July, we are going one step further: we are going to connect to our own internal wisdom through the practice of cycle-awareness and moon-cycle connection.

This practice is perfect for the mama who is looking for a moment of self-care but is limited on time and unsure of where to begin. All ages and stages of the motherhood journey are welcome (preconception - TTC - pregnancy - early & ever postpartum - grandmotherhood & anywhere between).

Each participant will receive a weekly email with guides to sync to + optimize your current phase of your menstrual & moon cycle.

Our class will be recorded Live on Zoom, Thursday evenings 7:30-8:30pm (and recorded classes sent out to all registrants the next day).

After the movement practice, all are invited to join the virtual MamaCircle from 8:30-9:00pm. Where we will be guided in connection conversation.

Click HERE to sign up.

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