June Series: Movement + Connection

May 31, 2020

We are all feeling it, the burnout of momming-during-a-global-pandemic.

We feel isolated from the world, disconnected from ourselves, and depleted - on all levels.

I feel it too.

But, let's not forget what we have already been through, Mama.

We have the *Power* to miraculously create new life, we have the *Strength* to BIRTH, we have the *Resilience* to nourish our babies, and we have the *Potential* to heal our body, all while we raise our family.

You are doing it, you have done it. No matter where you are on the path - you are incredible.

But, motherhood was not meant to be experienced in isolation.

It truly takes a village.

And today, it's going to take a *virtual* village.

This is why the JUNE Series is going to be special.

We are going to be creating a stronger CONNECTION to our inner wisdom & to our community.

For the introverts: you will be guided to create inward connection. Through weekly emails from me with guided practices that will help reconnect you to your center, and tune-in to the wisdom that exists within your body.

For the extroverts: you will be connected to your village through conversation in the Live MamaCircle, where we will share our experience around topics aligned with our weekly theme.

For all of us: we will be connected via a private Facebook group where we can continue the conversation, while supporting each other on the path. Plus, I will be sharing extra resources and giveaways that only you have access to.

Here are the details:

June 4-25

Live Zoom Classes on Thursday nights 7:30-8:30pm EST


Link to sign-up: http://downdogyogacenter.com/class-descriptions?#mama-core

Hosted by: Down Dog Yoga Center

Give yourself the opportunity to connect to other women on the same path.

The *movement* is designed to nourish & heal our postpartum bodies & the *community* is created because we are stronger together.

This is the Medicine for Motherhood.

I hope to see you there!!


Questions? Just ask!

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