MamaCore + BLND Momologue Event

Dec 08, 2019

I know we are all feeling the pressure of the holiday's and the endless to-do lists that come with this time of year. So, I want to give you a head's up about this @BLNDhealth event on Monday January 13 , 2020 (6-8pm).

My hope is that you will reserve this date in your calendar now. Line up the necessary childcare, and commit to taking this time away from *it all* to reconnect with yourself, and your community.💗

The evening will begin with a MamaCore movement practice, focused on reconnecting to your core and calming your nervous system. The movement's are gentle, focused on creating *space* in the areas we hold tension, and *connection* in the spaces that feel forgotten. We will move slowly, with intention - and encourage rest whenever our body craves it.

Once we are centered & connected to our breath and body, we will move into an honest and open conversation around the topic of the postpartum body. 🦋We will dive into the physiology of postpartum, the frustrations that arise due to cultural pressures, and the unspoken concept known as the "golden opportunity" that is presented to us all as we move through our own postpartum season.

As new year resolutions swirl around, my hope is to create conversation that encourages a shift in perspective. This workshop will give you the tools and the knowledge to activate a state of *gratitude* in your body, for your body - because she (your body) is amazing (and so are you, mama).


Here are the details:

When: Monday January 13, 2020

Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm

Where: Downtown Kalamazoo! (Location to be announced by January 3).


Link to sign up


I hope to see you there💗



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