MamaCore is going ONLINE!

Mar 29, 2020

Oh Mama, this whole social distancing / mandated shelter-in-place / quarantine - while doing all the other things required of you as a Mom and human…It’s a lot. We are all feeling it.

If you are feeling the TENSION in your body, it is likely translating into your mental + emotional state as well. Let’s unwind that tension together.

The most effective way I know to truly release physical tension is through breath-awareness and movement.

And that is exactly what I will be sharing with you in our upcoming MamaCore Online Semester.

Here is what you need to know:

  • MamaCore is going ONLINE, starting this Thursday April 2 at 7:30pm.

  • If you sign up for the 4-week Semester, you will receive a recorded link of each class so you can practice with me anytime.

  • Drop-in’s are welcome, but limited to only the livestream class.

  • This class is designed to be safe and supportive for 8 weeks postpartum and beyond. (Must be cleared for exercise by your birth-provider).

  • By joining this online class you are not only supporting me, but you are also supporting Downdog Yoga Center, too. For that, we are so grateful.

  • Sign up here: MamaCore Online

Any questions? Reach out! I would love to connect with you.

Stay strong Mama.



PS- You can also connect with me on Instagram: @mamacoremethod {AND} @kateantoniotti

PPS- If you have not already, join our Facebook group: MamaCore Community for FREE classes and bonus gifts coming soon.

PPPS- If you know another Mama that would benefit from postpartum specific nourishing movement and community - please share this with her. I am forever grateful for your support. 

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