Michigan Mini-Retreat for the Motherhood Path

Feb 24, 2020

Hey Mama,

It’s nap time in our house. Rose is asleep, while Leo is having (not-so-quiet) quiet time in his bedroom. I managed to get the laundry in and now, here I am, writing to you. I wish I did this more often. But I also recognize that in this season of life, this is good enough.

So, in the short time we have together, I want to be sure to get the word out to you about this Mini-Retreat, made with YOU in mind.

I feel like we all fantasize about escaping to a yoga retreat, or a girlfriends-getaway, or a cabin in the woods where we can take long showers and use the bathroom without little people following us in. But, for most of us, in this season of life these things are just not possible.

So, in honor of this season, and because I am right there with you - I have teamed up with some of my favorite local mamas to create a Mini Retreat for Moms.

I have been fortunate enough to witness the magic that happens when women come together, connected by the shared experience our individual & collective motherhood path. The magic is palpable when we share physical space, and it is electric when move & breath in circle together.

The purpose of this mini retreat is to create connection & community around the common experience of motherhood. Whether you identify as:

  • Preconception - preparing your body for a future pregnancy, but not actively trying to conceive.

  • TTC - trying to conceive - actively trying to get pregnant.

  • Pregnant - all trimesters are welcome.

  • Early Postpartum - 6 - 12 weeks postpartum *must be cleared for exercise by your birth provider.

  • Inner Postpartum - 3 - 12 months postpartum.

  • Ever Postpartum - 1 year and beyond *postpartum is for.ev.er. so there is no limit to this <3

  • Non-Biological Mamas, Pet Mamas, Office Mama & Plant Mamas - if you identify with the energy of motherhood, this space is for you.

…This Mini Retreat is for you to reconnect with yourself and to recharge through the power of Community. I will be sharing more on this with you soon. But for now, here’s what you need to know:

All details and links to sign up are here

Questions? Comment below, or contact me here, or email me [email protected]

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