November Series: Slowing (and Flowing) into the Holidays

Oct 30, 2020

Before I became a Mom, I tried to run a half marathon (it was…neat). My friend was “coaching” me, and introduced me to the idea of tapering before the race.

That was my favorite part of the whole experience. We had built up our miles, put in enormous effort training, and with the big event looming - we focused on slowing down our pace, limiting the distances, and rest.

We committed to hydration, stretching, getting our nourishment on point, and our mind right…

That is how I am feeling right now as we prep for the 2020 holiday season.

This November I am tapering, slowing down, taking deep breaths, fueling my body, soothing my nervous system, and preparing my heart - before the holidays begin.

And, let’s be honest, no one knows what to expect for the 2020 holiday season. So many unknowns. But one thing I know for sure is: never before has it been more important for Mothers to nourish & strengthen their bodies.

The Mayo Clinic recently published evidence showing that the more we engage in physical activity, the lower the likelihood of hospitalization due to COVID-19. (1)

We already intuitively know that the more we move our body, the better we feel. And there are piles of research showing that exercise is a potent immune-booster. (2), (3), (4)

So, knowing all of this - I would like to invite you to move with me Mama.

Live on Monday evenings 7pm, or recorded anytime that works for you.

This is our final semester together this year. I so hope you can join us.

Here are your next steps:

1. Sign up - click here
2. You will be emailed every week with the Zoom link to join us Live (Monday nights, 7pm). And, you will receive an email with the recorded link the following day.
3. Make space, roll out a mat (or don't, carpet is cool too) - and allow yourself to be guided through a one hour, feel-good-flow designed to honor our postpartum journey.
4. And, if you crave deeper connection to other mamas on the same path - stick around for our virtual Mama's Circle after the Live class on Monday evening.

Questions? Ask me here!

See you on Monday. Or, should I say, Momday ;)



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