September Series: Honoring the Slow-Down

Sep 01, 2020

I can't believe it's September.

Are you feeling the speed? The rush? To what? I'm not sure...
But the more Mamas I talk to, the more I hear the collective desire to slow down. To create Space. To find Ease. Clarity. Rest. Alone Time. Connection. Balance. Grace. Calm. Peace. Community.
I know you have *all the things* going on right now. We are truly incredible for juggling it all.
Knowing this, I have created this September Series as an opportunity for you to choose You.
I hope you will be able to find time, to make Space.
Here are the details:

This September, our practice will focus on honoring the slow-down.
Every flow is designed to cultivate connection, space, and strength.
You will first feel it in your body, then you will notice it in your-Self.
We know you are busy, so Down Dog Yoga Center makes it effortless.

1. Sign up - here
2. You will be emailed every week with the Zoom link to join us Live (Thursday nights, 7:30pm). And, you will receive an email with the recorded link the following day.
3. Make space, roll out a mat (or don't, carpet is cool too) - and allow yourself to be guided through a one hour, feel-good-flow designed to honor our postpartum journey.
4. And, if you crave deeper connection to other mamas on the same path - stick around for our virtual Mama's Circle after the Live class on Thursdays.

This is the movement method for motherhood.
This is our chance to slow down and flow forward together.
To sign-up: click here


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