Spring 2020 Classes

Mar 06, 2020

Oh Mama. I can't believe it is already March... Here's the thing, I am typically a pretty upbeat and positive person - but I am also fully human. And the truth is my 2020 experience so far has been hard.

And, in true-introvert fashion, when shit gets hard, I go inward. I crave silence and alone time and shy away from social gatherings. I want to retreat and hibernate and curl up with a book and a cup of tea and...

... and then I remember I'm a MOM. So I do all the things required of me to keep my kids' lives going, and then at any moment possible - I retreat.

I have hidden in the bathtub more times than I would like to admit. No, not like in a warm bath, but in the empty bathtub with the curtain pulled so I can just have a minute to breath. (It's a great trick because the kids don't think to look behind the curtain #momhack).

But here is the deal. I know I am not meant to do this alone. I know that, as a woman, I am innately wired for connection. It's literally in our DNA, and there are really smart people that have proven that *women heal and recharge in community with other women*. And one step further: Moms-Need-Moms.

So, it is time to heal. It is time to recharge. If winter is for hibernating, going inward, and being quiet; then Spring is when we BLOOM. How fitting. I can not wait to reconnect with you all.

If you have never experienced MamaCore before, here is what you need to know:

We gather once a week. We move in a way that creates space + strength in your body, and calms your mind. The movement practice will ground you and reconnect you to yourself. And the conversation will connect us all to each other.

You will walk out fully charged and completely relaxed. I think you have to feel it to believe it. I know I always do.

So, will you join us?

Here's the link to sign up: http://downdogyogacenter.com/class-descriptions#mama-core

Comment below with any questions.

So much love to you all 💗

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